Antelope Hills Observatory

Research-Quality Observations for the Astronomical Community


Robert A. (Bob) Koff

980 Antelope Drive West

Bennett, CO 80102 USA


Phone: 303-644-3509



The CCD camera is ideal for obtaining precise, professional quality measurements of the positions and magnitudes of known and unknown asteroids and comets.


What's more, as the resources of professional observatories and astronomers are strained, this is a field where help is really needed.


The Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union is located at Harvard University. Through their web site, they are offering Help and Instructions for Amateurs interested in participating in their programs.


Antelope Hills Observatory is designated by the Minor Planet Center as an official observatory, with Observatory Code H09.


 Antelope Hills Observatory has produced numerous asteroid lightcurves. By measuring the changing brightness of an asteroid, much can be learned about its rotational properties and shape, and sometimes its physical properties as well. This is basic research into these primitive members of our Solar System.


We have participated in the Arecibo Radar asteroid study program, providing lightcurves for radar targets.


We have  also been an observing station for the Asynchronous Binary Asteroid Survey.